On this page you can read a selection of kind testimonials sent to me from some of my previous clients, who mention and share their experiences with you.

“Before I moved into the area I had previous experience with hypnotherapy, which had been a positive and helpful experience in dealing with many issues that had built up in my life previously and left me at breaking point. Hypnotherapy helped me through incredibly low self-esteem which had consequently affected my work and personal life, ultimately resulting in severe depression. When I relocated up north I knew I still had deep-rooted issues that I needed to overcome. My sessions with Julie transcended anything I had previously experienced. I walked out of my initial consultation, in which time had just whizzed by unnoticed, and immediately felt like a new person.

Words cannot describe the difference I felt after just one session, and subsequently after each additional session. I felt like countless inner walls just fell away and I could instantly notice a huge difference within myself; a more consistent and genuine feeling of calmness, control, positivity and the ability to feel like I could cope and deal with difficult life situations, whatever they may be.

Julie is a remarkable therapist; I was instantly at ease in her presence from the word ‘go’. I had no trouble talking to her. Julie has a positivity, down-to-earth attitude, straight forwardness, and passion for her work. This creates an environment where any initial feelings of nerves and awkwardness you may have just slip away and you forget that you are even in any kind of therapy session at all.

In just a few sessions I had overcome so much, and my outlook on life these days is a complete turnaround to what it was just a few years ago. I am constantly learning about myself and my capabilities. I can take on new challenges with a more positive approach and ‘can do’ attitude, and have the ability to manage demanding and tougher situations. And yet I still have the reassurance that I can always drop in for a session of hypnotherapy with Julie to get me back on track should I need it.”

Hannah, Cheshire

“I came to hypnotherapy to overcome my severe OCD and anxiety, which I had suffered for more than 10 years. I had many fears and problems to contend with, as well as feeling extremely despondent about my future.

From the very beginning when first meeting Julie and starting the process of hypnotherapy, I immediately felt at ease, comfortable and relaxed about the process ahead. Hypnotherapy has completely changed my perspective and outlook on the way I live my life and the opportunities that are available to me. I leave each session feeling confident, enthusiastic and positive about my journey ahead and at peace with all the difficulties I have experienced in the past.

My life is now following a clear, positive path, none of which could have been achieved without the help and guidance from Julie.”

Avril, Manchester

“I went to see Julie for help as I was training for an Ironman, which is a long distance triathlon event. I realised that completing this would involve strength of mind as well as the physical aspects involved. In particular I was struggling with the long distances on the bike and the hills involved.

Julie taught me various techniques that helped me deal with my mindset and even after the first session I felt more positive and was able to deal with situations where previously I had talked myself into failure.

After only 3 sessions I completed my race and throughout the whole 16 hours it took me, I never once thought of giving up or had any negative thoughts and I put this down to the sessions with Julie.”

Jackie, Cheadle Hulme

“Just want to share my love and thanks to this wonderful lady Julie, she has helped, supported and used her “magic” on me with hypnotherapy. Julie has helped me through some very tough and indeed difficult times and I cannot thank her enough for the relief and joy she has brought to my life. Sometimes in life you need some guidance or healing with the stresses of modern living. She has given me back my strength and positivity and opened my mind to helping me live a happier life. I can recommend Julie totally – she is very professional, very easy and comfortable to work with. I’ve just finished a course with her and I feel amazing . Thank you so much!”

Tracey, Manchester

“I cannot recommend Julie highly enough. She is welcoming, professional, supportive and compassionate. She came in to my life when I was in a very dark place, with low self-esteem and obsessive thought patterns leading to addictive behaviour. I had never tried hypnotherapy before and was a little sceptical, but after just one incredible session I was hooked. Over a number of years I have met with Julie as and when I felt I needed to, and will continue to do so. She has helped me to address so many issues from my past that were affecting the present, and I now have so much more understanding of my behaviours and how to manage them. I have recommended her to friends and would say to anyone – just give it a try.”

Vicky, Bramhall

“After seeing Julie for the first time, I instantly felt calmer. Without Julie’s help, I wouldn’t have gone to Uni, or out for trips. I got my life back! Thank you so much.”

Ellie, Cheshire, who had a fear of driving after crashing her car

“After 10 years of severe OCD and anxiety fears, I tried Hypnotherapy with Julie. I am now confident, enthusiastic, and at peace with myself!”

A, from Stockport

“My life is now following a clear and positive path!”

Oliver, Cheshire

“My depression started with daily bouts of darkness that over six years became severe panic attacks. It was during one of these panic attacks in April 2013 that I rang Julie and simply asked ‘Can you help me?’ I had no idea what to expect but I felt positive about trying a different form of therapy and instantly trusted Julie. Hypnotherapy with Julie literally changed my life. For the first time I was not only able to listen to my inner voice but I was able to sit calmly without darkness or panic. The sessions were about me and they allowed me to release the stuff I had buried deep inside without having to relive those painful experiences. I became brighter, stronger, and more connected to what I wanted. It gave me the confidence to change my life for the better, and in turn the panic attacks stopped. I cannot recommend Julie enough.”

A.B., Manchester

“I have had a number of sessions with Julie now and it has been the most amazing experience – beautiful work by a beautiful person! I couldn’t feel more at ease, and the work is incredible – things are finally coming together for me, and it’s through this amazing experience! I could not recommend Julie more highly!”

Holly, Cheshire

It’s funny that I went to Julie about my business but she has helped me to enjoy each area of my life much more because I now know how to listen to myself and listen to what I want.

Thank you Julie for helping me with the children, its made a huge difference in such a short time, I’m amazed by Julie she’s such a lovely warm lady.


I went to see Julie as I felt at a sticking point in my career and wasn’t moving forward. I was suffering from mild depression and just generally felt a lack of direction .In just a few sessions I had found the answers I needed and my mood had lifted. My business is now flourishing and I genuinely feel happy. Julie is such a brilliant therapist she listens, guides you towards what is needed and will go that extra mile to ensure you are getting the best possible results from your sessions. I can’t recommend her enough my life is so much better for meeting her.

Michelle Cheshire

Before I met Julie I had a severe phobia of chickens and other types of birds. It was that bad I couldn’t even look at chickens on the TV without looking away!!! If a bird came near me I would have a panic attack and try to get away as far as possible. I honestly thought this phobia was going to effect the rest of my life and it was never going to go. However thanks to Julie’s amazing work, my phobia is now gone. I am now able to be around birds without running away or having a panic attack and I can now look at chickens and not be scared. If you have a phobia of any kind or any problems don’t be scared to approach Julie to help you. No matter what your problem is, she will help you. Thank you, Julie.

Matt Cheshire

I was the biggest sceptic but I’ve always had an open mind so thought I’d give hypnotherapy a go. I could not have been more wrong. From the moment I walked in Julie made me feel at ease and talked to me about my issues following my divorce before she worked her magic! The most amazing experience and as a result it has changed me for the better and I’m already seeing the benefits of the time spent with Julie. I have been so impressed that I’ve already recommended very close friends to her. Don’t be the sceptic open your mind and go and see Julie.

Paul Cheshire

I went to Julie because I didn’t feel like I was working on my home based business effectively, there was a block there but I wasn’t sure what it was. My first session was so emotional! I didn’t even realise the number of negative thoughts and emotions that were holding me back! But the following morning, I felt a massive sense of relief and was much more self assured. After two more sessions (and uncovering a lot of other things that I didn’t ever realise were ‘issues’) I felt on top of the world! It’s funny that I went to Julie about my business but she has helped me to enjoy each area of my life much more because I now know how to listen to myself and listen to what I want. Life will always throw a curve ball and knock us off track, but I feel so safe in the knowledge that a session with Julie in the future will put me right back on course and on the path I am supposed to be. I really do believe she has magical powers and I’m so blessed to have met her as she has improved my life so much 🙂

Ceri Chester

Julie has been so helpful and supportive over the years and I still continue to see her for sessions. She is excellent in her role as a hypnotherapist and the work is just mind blowing, thank you for all your help and amazing work Julie X

Holly Lake District

Julie’s guidance, kindness and positivity helped me so much throughout my recovery. I can’t recommend her enough to anyone feeling a bit lost or disconnected from themselves as well as those with deeper issues. An absolute star and a very inspiring woman.

Katie Cheshire

Thank you Julie, I have truly enjoyed my sessions with you and am amazed how powerful they have been! Although very emotional for me they have helped me to clear issues- some which I didn’t even know I had! I’m very grateful for the kindness and support you have given me, guiding me through my healing. A very personal, unique service! With love xxx

Tracey Manchester

Brilliant, can highly recommend Julie. She helped me overcome fears and anxiousness before doing Ironman and managed to make me feel like a different person, thank you so much

Jackie Stockport

Julie Pelzer-Vaughan Hypnotherapy ADCHyp, GQHP, Cert’Ed is amazing! My eldest son has had a serious phobia for years. He has seen Julie a couple of times in the last week and she has helped him overcome his fears and given him a new lease of life…. Amazing work! Thank you so much Julie x

Caroline Cheshire

Julie Pelzer-Vaughan is a true professional who really knows her job, can help you achieve your goals,first class service that I can highly recommend.

Simon Cheshire

Julie is friendly and approachable, she fills you with confidence, and you really feel that she understands your issues. I would recommend her services to anyone without reservation. Thank you Julie for your understanding and help xx

Carol Wirral

Just want to say a huge thank you Julie for helping me with the children. I first made contact with Julie when my 10yr old daughter started with anxiety issues /friendship probs. Julie was brilliant with her and made my daughter feel very relaxed. After 3 sessions we have seen a huge positive change in her which has calmed the whole atmosphere in the house down. My son then started with almost depression symptoms at the age of 11 and was just crying himself to sleep at night.Julie,again, came to the rescue and after initial reluctance on his part, he was asking if he could go again for further hypnotherapy. Again, it’s made a huge difference in such a short time and he now has a coping strategies in place for the future. I’m amazed by Julie, she is such a lovely warm lady and obviously very talented in her therapies. She’s the sort of lady that you would just love to go for coffee with and just chat for hours and put the world right. Thank you very much, big hugs, xxx

Lizzy Stockport