Hypnotherapy for Smoking

More and more these days smoker and feel more pressured to give up smoking in a society that is trying to shut out the bad habit, from stopping people smoking in public places and putting cigarettes behind close off sections of shops.

Mortality rates are also twice as high than that of non-smokers and on average a smoker dies 6 years earlier than a non-smoker. Several surveys suggest that three in four smokers would like to give up.

It’s easy to say “I want to give up” but it can be hard for people to give up through regular means and with willpower alone. Only 6% of people can give up through just willpower alone and with Nicotine Replacement Therapy (such as nicotine patches).

In working with your subconscious mind through the power of hypnosis you can make the positive changes you need to make for your health well being and happiness to switch off the craving for smoking reinforce the catastrophic effect smoking has on your health. Then for you to look and reinforce the positives you are to gain from being a non-smoker.