Hypnotherapy for Sexual Problems

Many people experience sexual difficulties at some point in their life and it is also important that you chat with your GP about the issue too.

In many cases, however, sexual difficulties are the result of some underlying psychological issue, which can be triggered by stress, anxiety or fear – and hypnotherapy can help with this.

We often spend time thinking about and analysing our problems, but in doing so it often makes it worse. By focusing on your sexual difficulty you highlight the anxiety that surrounds it, causing you to expect the problem to reoccur. Then when it does, the expectation is justified causing the pattern to repeat itself all over again.

Trying to control your sexual problem is like trying to stop blinking. You can try, but eventually the unthinking, subconscious part of the mind will override your attempts and that physiological response will take over automatically once again.

It’s about finding the message behind why this happening what is the cause. In accessing the sub conscious mind you can go beneath all the triggers where there is a root cause stored away in the subconscious mind. It maybe something you can’t think of you’ve forgotten, overlooked. It’s like that bit of grit in your eye. Once you find it, it can be hard to believe that something so small could have caused so much trouble. Once you’re aware of the message you can make the positive changes you need to make therefore eliminating the problem.