Hypnotherapy for Anger

Anger can manifest in many different situations. Sometimes it begins with a relatively minor event which then goes round and round in someone’s head, followed by additional little things that irritate. It builds, slowly, until anger erupts, the person may arrive home stressed after work (or has had a stressful day looking after children), and everything gets on their nerves.

The anger maybe linked to drink or drugs. Some people get really angry daily, some just explode into rage once or twice a month. People may also suddenly explode into anger from seemingly nowhere. Very often it is the person’s partner and/or children that suffer the brunt of the emotion.

Sometimes an otherwise fairly placid person will become a ‘demon’ in certain situations, maybe behind the wheel of a car, the road rage syndrome.
Imagine what it would be like to:

• Remain calm and in control of all situations!
• Develop healthier, more satisfying relationships!
• Experience deep inner peace and emotional balance!

Hypnotherapy is a deeply relaxing experience. With the help of hypnotherapy sessions it is possible to retrain your mind to stop reacting in ways that are not beneficial to your well-being. Help you to manage anger feelings so that you can develop better responses to challenging situations, enjoy happier, more satisfying relationship with others, and live a more pleasant life.