About Hypnotherapy – Stockport, Manchester and Cheshire

My work as a hypnotherapist and intuitive coach is about helping people make positive changes to their lives. Inspiring and motivating people to believe in their own power for their health, wellbeing and overall happiness.

Hypnotherapy is an amazing way to let go of unwanted and un-healthy emotional attachments, thoughts and actions that can take over the everyday running of our lives whether its Fear, Phobias, Anxiety, Stress, Health Issues, Smoking, Weight issues, Sleep, Feeling of being stuck, Relationships, Procrastination A feeling of not belonging and so much more, as its simply about Change YOU want to change,

Hypnotherapy works by using hypnosis to access the subconscious mind ‘I like to call it the all knowing part of you!’ it never switches off 24h 7 days a week it stores everything including all your memories  ‘The Good, The Bad and The Ugly!’

When you enter into hypnosis ‘A relaxed state or altered state commonly known as Trance, we access the subconscious mind and clear out all those unwanted files Thoughts etc) bit like defragging a computer removing those files that are preventing you being your true authentic self!

In my work as a hypnotherapist I use metaphors alot I believe a powerful tool to bring about change!

When you visit me for a hypnotherapy session or indeed a chat, I’d like to feel that I help you feel relaxed, comfortable and confident in your decision of wanting to make positive changes that are right for you!

People fear that they may lose control in hypnotherapy I assure you, you are still aware of the natural noises that are going on around you and you are free to stop at any time! You do not lose control, we enter into a relaxed trance like state everyday day dreaming, or for example driving a car and when you get to the destination you don’t remember the journey, but you still have control, or reading a book your still aware of noises around you but they don’t disturb your reading, going to the cinema captivated watching a film you are still in control.

I’m passionate about my work and really believe in the power of the mind and all that is and that anything is possible!

So if you feel that you wish to make some positive changes in your life then get in contact I offer a free consultation

I’ll look forward to hearing from you.